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Smart Snacking

With the new age schools that focus on all around development, health has become a growing issue. We believe the school management must ensure that the snack options in their schools are healthy as opposed to the other junk food options that are readily available and heavily marketed.

We know the importance of smart snacking and have made it our duty to change today’s generation of snackers one school at a time. At the moment, we are serving 30 different schools with our five unique product lines.

For School Bulk Orders

Tested and approved by over 10,000 mothers and their children.

All of our FSSAI certified snacks are fresh, healthy, and most importantly tasty .We will deliver a different snack every day directly to your students and also host awareness campaigns with our nutritionists on

  • Benefits of healthy snacks at the school
  • The difference between junk and healthy food
  • Nutrition in school

We will partner with your school’s management team to bring about a healthy change in your students eating habits. Our systematic approach ensures a hassle-free execution of our programs.