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MeGO Foods



Our Mission

To create a healthy nation by manufacturing and supplying ready-to-eat healthy Millet-snacks in an eco-friendly environment. 

Our 5 Values

To become the most favorable ready-to-eat Millet-snacks manufacturing company.

Our snacks are made of natural and organic ingredients such as millets, nuts, seeds, and traditional spices making them rich in antioxidants and dietary fibres.

We have sweet and savoury snacks that will tickle your tastebuds and are free of unhealthy preservatives, artificial colours and chemicals. They do not contain any sugar, wheat, maida, corn, or gluten.

From The Experts

MeGo team has joined hands with Food Scientists (IIMR), Nutritionists, Ayurvedic Doctors, Community Health Care Workers, Farmers and Grand Parents for preserving and protecting traditional knowledge of cooking healthy recipes apart from innovating new products/recipes/methods.